Keeping with the theme of the Olympic Games, Kenshoo Social wanted to see which countries offered the most value and effectiveness to Facebook advertisers in areas such as average cost per click and average frequency of delivery for ads. While the U.S. may have brought home the most gold in London, the same was not true in Kenshoo Social’s competition.

Kenshoo Social named medalists for these categories relating to Facebook ads: Average cost per impression (CPM), average cost per click, average click-through rate, average frequency of delivery, average exposure rate for delivery, and maximum recommended bids.

Average CPM:

  • Gold: Mexico ($0.069)
  • Silver: Turkey ($0.073)
  • Bronze: Brazil ($0.130)

Average cost per click:

  • Gold: Mexico ($0.19)
  • Silver: Turkey ($0.25)
  • Bronze: India ($0.33)

Average click-through rate:

  • Gold: India (0.048 percent)
  • Silver: Italy (0.039 percent)
  • Bronze: Mexico (0.036 percent)

Average frequency of delivery:

  • Gold: Switzerland (5.81 impressions)
  • Silver: Austria (5.86 impressions)
  • Bronze: Italy (6.12 impressions)

Average exposure rate for delivery:

  • Gold: Turkey (51 percent)
  • Silver: India (45 percent)
  • Bronze: Austria (23 percent)

Maximum recommended bids:

  • Gold: Italy ($0.048)
  • Silver: Mexico ($0.039)
  • Bronze: Turkey ($0.036)

Kenshoo Social also commented about its findings:

Facebook advertising in the U.S. and U.K. is highly popular. These countries have the highest CPM and CPC rates, reflecting increased attention and bid competition from marketers. The U.S. and U.K. also had the lowest exposure rates, meaning it’s more difficult for brands to reach their targets in these countries. For advertisers to effectively compete, they must use advanced targeting techniques, sophisticated bid algorithms, and refresh creative assets often.