See what they’re saying about us.

Derma-Tech | Missouri

We are having the GREATEST experience with you guys! All of us at Derma-Tech are ecstatic to be working with Kate, and her team! They are friendly, prompt, and professional. In a little over a month they have worked tirelessly to get our media and marketing up, and going again. We cannot thank Guru enough for their continued support and hard work! We are so excited to see how our business grows with them.

Go Sports Therapy | Missouri

I highly recommend Guru Marketing–they deliver! GO Sports Therapy began working with Guru Marketing last month. In a very short time, they had a new website, social media accounts and blog up and running. We have already seen amazing results with SEO rankings and lead generation. Their entire team is professional and knowledgeable, responsive and patient, creative and talented. I cannot thank Kate, Della, Justin, Makenzie, and Norman enough. I’m glad you’re on my team!

Hoagland Financial Group | USA

Kate and the team did an unbelievable job in working through everything in a very quick manner, and they made you feel like you were part of the team as they were very kind and personable. They educated me significantly through the whole process and it was greatly appreciated. What a wonderful team of people! I was looking for an agency that has a proven track record and positive feedback. This team accomplished this!

Phelan Dermatology | Missouri & Arkansas

Kate has been incredibly excellent to work with. Her professionalism is unmatched. I cannot wait to see the final product for our website design. I highly recommend Guru Marketing.

The Groove Garden | California

Guru Marketing is a fantastic place to get a custom website! The staff are super knowledgeable! Thanks, Guru Marketing!

McDowell Roofing | Missouri

My past experience with website builders and SEO companies is not good. It was very hard to communicate with them, as they were hard to make contact with. With Guru Marketing, they have an outstanding team. Justin built my site, Olivia handles my social media and the best of all is the owner, Kate. She is always available to speak with me in person if I have any concerns.

Caroline’s Coffee, Ice Cream & Candy | Missouri

I have had the pleasure of working with Guru Marketing over the past few weeks. I must admit I am totally impressed. We came to work with Caroline’s Coffee, Ice Cream & Candy with only a little over two weeks to promote the Easter season. They immediately took charge, and took photos and videos to launch a social media blitz. The result was doubling sales for the comparable previous weeks! Now, laying out a long-range plan. Looking forward to building our business with Guru.

Golden State Buildings | California

Excellent company to work with! Responsive, creative, and serve their customers the best they know how. Thank you, Guru Team, for your great service to us at Golden State!

ServiceMaster of SW Missouri

I’ve loved working with Kate, and the team so far. The quality of work is fantastic, and I feel very supported by everyone which makes the process go so much smoother. We’re just getting started, but I’m excited to see how we grow with Guru Marketing!

Marketing Agency ReviewsFlora Farms | Missouri

Working with KM Guru Marketing, and especially Margaret Kellenberger has been such a delight. Margaret is always eager to help and creatively capture our company in every aspect of our marketing efforts. The team is incredible and very client-focused, and will thoroughly help bring the true essence of your company to the forefront. Many many thanks to the whole Guru Marketing team for such awesome work!

Sticklen & Dreyer Attorneys at Law | Missouri

Your efforts over the past few weeks have been amazing! We have picked up several new Columbia clients/potential clients and a couple in Joplin through online searches. We are also seeing an increase in inquiries from our website chat – one of those is from this morning and is meeting with one of the attorneys tomorrow.

So, yay!! Keep doing what you’re doing – I can’t tell you how exciting this is for me. Finally, we are seeing results again similar to what we had when we first started doing SEO about 6 years ago!


Our new website scored us a HUGE job today. The kind of job we have been waiting for since we started Top Turf Care. You all are the bomb! We would have never gotten this job if it wasn’t for your experienced SEO services. They found our website online. Thanks for all you have done for my business!


Thank you for all of the time and energy you put into our website and social media. I appreciate the KM Guru team’s professional, positive demeanor.

Cottey College’s website looks great and the SEO is as good as it can get.

KM Guru’s work has made it easier for prospective students, alumnae and donors to communicate with Cottey, and our two-way communication has increase substantially.

TESTIMONIALS MAKE US SMILEGrit & Grace Salon | Missouri

Eek! I am so grateful for Cecil at Guru Marketing. He created the most beautiful logo for me, and big news coming soon on the salon. I cannot wait to make the announcement. Great work from them all!

Heartland Horseshoeing School | Missouri

Like many of my generation, we looked for a cheaper and easier way to use the World Wide Web. I had a friend of a friend that could do a site cheap, but it wasn’t great. I hired someone else to build another. Ended up hiring folks that I thought were professional, but they were only able to take it so far. After having enough problems that they could not help me deal with, I finally decided to hire a real professional with some proven skills. This led me to KM Guru in Joplin, MO. They have patiently helped me accomplish the things that my site needed to accomplish. Fixed email problems, YouTube problems, mobile device problems, website store problems, etc. etc. etc. It has been a breath of fresh air to find someone that will do what it takes to make computer stuff useable for a guy like me that would rather the world was as it was before cell phones and Internet.

The other day I had an email problem that was simple in hindsight. Kate actually made a personal video for me on where to click and what to do to get done what I needed done.

I give KM Guru my highest recommendation. Which, does not happen often or easily.

Corporate Identity DesignMozark USA | Missouri

KM Guru is a class act! Right from the get go I felt comfortable with Kate and her staff. Like many small business owners I lacked the marketing knowledge and social media skills to get my business launched. The Gurus filled that void in my business and have become a instrumental part of my team.

They helped me with everything! Their creativity and marketing skills are top shelf. They virtually created an identity for my business and manufactured products.

Cole is an amazing character. Full of energy and fun to work with! He took the time to really educate himself on understand my business. He blew me away with his creativity for my branding and logo designs. Michael is a great guy and eager to please. His social media skills are amazing!

Kate and her crew are the real deal! They are a friendly, fast and efficient group of skilled individuals that get the job done. I recommend them highly!

Wood, Cooper & Peterson Attorneys | Missouri

I’ve worked with KM Guru Marketing multiple times on website design, and they always do a great job! I would recommend them to anyone in the Joplin area. Kate and her team are helpful, responsive, and are focused on getting the project done in a timely manner.

Big Charlie’s Fireworks | Missouri & South Carolina

The KM Guru Marketing team is excellent. Part graphic design, part tech expert – they cleaned up our branding image, put us at the top of Google search results for our area and industry. Well worth the investment! Staff is extremely friendly, and easy to work with.

The Glenn Group Realtors | Missouri

KM Guru Marketing was extremely helpful in the designing, and activation of our website! This was our company’s first solo website, and Kate and the rest of KM Guru were extremely patient, and helpful in walking us through this process. They truly are gurus for SEO and website design, and can explain the process and features in ways that I could easily grasp. I can’t recommend them enough!

Marketing Agency ReviewsHorton’s Pizza | Missouri & Kansas

Kate and her team are the best at what they do! Their SEO services have put us on the map and in front of people online that are looking for what we do. If you are looking to the future for your business, I would recommend sitting down with a Guru to talk about how they can help you!

Charles Burt Realtors | Missouri

Guru Marketing has been amazing to work with. They are extremely accommodating, and have great ideas to help boost our marketing experience.

Marketing Agency ReviewsFreeman Liquidators | Missouri

KM Guru Marketing has put our company, Freeman Liquidators, on the front page in all areas of our internet marketing. From the creation of our e-commerce web site to our ever growing presence on social media their team has been there to handle all the details. Kate and her team have become an integral part of the marketing for my company. Our numbers from online activity and our sales just keep growing. I LOVE IT! Thank you Kate, and your team for your continuing excellence!

South Joplin Christian Church | Missouri

Kate and her staff at KMGuru have become valuable partners in our effort to become more visible and communicable with the message of our mission at South Joplin Christian Church through an updated and mobile-friendly website, complete with social media connections. Being a relatively small congregation, our well of human and financial resources is limited, and Kate has been fantastic in working with our budget and our constraints, all the while treating us as though we are her top priority as customers. Her patience and graciousness in teaching us what we need to know is remarkable, and I have relied on her wisdom with no regrets. We have already seen an increase in internet inquiries and social media responses, and are delighted to share our success story with anyone interested in hearing about our experience with KMGuru.

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingHomes by Ricki | Oregon

I would like to thank Guru Marketing for getting my website to page #1 of the Google search results in just three short months of time! I’m very excited. Thanks again!

KM Guru MarketingGO Nutrition For You | California

Starting a business could be a terrifying experience. But when you surround yourself with supportive people and hire the services of experts, that terrifying experience soon becomes an exciting one.

Working with KM Guru Marketing was the best first decision I made, as a new business owner. From day one, I felt I was working with the best team; full of ideas, suggestions, creativity, and laughs. There was not one call that I ended not feeling 100% satisfied, and with the conviction that I hired the BEST. Kate virtually held my hand and walked me through areas of marketing I didn’t even know existed. Cole soon became the creator, and designer of my favorite logo (ever). And, together they delivered the results I didn’t even know I could get.

To say that it was a joy working with KM Guru Marketing is an understatement… It was a real pleasure, to the point that we just decided to keep working with them for more services and new exciting projects!

Thank you Kate and Cole for being so patient and awesome and for making me laugh when I needed it the most!

Frontier Equestrian | Missouri

The team at Guru built us a full featured commercial website in just a few weeks – they were receptive to all of our input and worked to get the site just the way we wanted it. In the initial phases while we were working out the bugs they were right on every adjustment with no delays. Kate, and her crew always took the time to explain what we needed to do to accomplish our goals. They have been there for us every step of the way. I would highly recommend Guru to anyone looking for a quality website with first class customer service.

LP Solutions | Missouri

5 stars… 2 thumbs up… and an Oscar!!! First, I’d like to say that KM Guru has more than come through with my website. I was dealing with another web developer that took nearly 3 months to produce nothing in any form of a website. So, trusting another developer was going to be hard. I met with Kate and discussed everything in great detail, probably too much, but I really wanted to make sure we were both on the same page. She totally blew me away!!! My website was up and running in 1 week!!!!! More than fully functioning in 2 weeks. She is on top of questions I asked, she even sent videos explaining how to use certain areas of the website and explaining what she had done with the website. It’s really hard to find old school integrity, commitment and hard work these days. KM Guru is as dependable and as trusting as to what a hand shake use to mean years ago. I Highly… HIGHLY recommend KM Guru. All my friends already know about KM Guru.

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingSandra Luesse | DJ Lady Splash | California

I have met with other SEO companies in the past and Kate was by far the most knowledgeable, and had the most respectful work ethic. When she said she was going to call she was a minute early kind of thing. I really appreciate that, especially working with a company out of my area. I look forward to meeting her in person soon.

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingThe Acclaim Companies | California

Kate was recommended to us by RelyonIt, our IT professionals. As a private real estate development firm, we were more concerned with aesthetics and presentation rather than SEO. This strategy was a little foreign to Kate as most of her clients are looking to achieve a higher profile on the internet. She spent the time to build a beautiful site that provides a place where investors and financiers can learn and understand our business better. When most website designers would have grumbled at the time-consuming changes we requested and the specific instructions on how to present our content, Kate responded with an effortless can-do attitude. Her easygoing personality and nuts-and-bolts knowledge of website construction is really what makes working with Kate so easy and sets her apart from other web designers.

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingStarburst Construction | California

Great meeting with Kate about getting Starburst Construction Company more recognized on-line!!! She explains things very simply so even a non-techie can understand! Thanks for your time, Kate.

Executive Spa & Massage | Missouri

Kate and her team listen to my needs and deliver every time. They have helped me to grow my business very quickly, with their knowledge, and expertise on marketing and websites. I have now moved to a bigger and prime location in Joplin, and its all do to KM Guru Marketing that helped me get this far. Thank you, and many more years of blessings to come!

Hollywood Celebrity Magazine | Kansas

Guru Marketing is a perfect company if you’re needing a website put together, social media put together, or anything you can really think of! The services they offer are perfect, and easily understandable. The staff at Guru is really easy to work with and no matter what, they’ll always end up understanding what you want down to the T! Highly recommended Guru Marketing.

Prairie Sun & Moon Casinos | Oklahoma

We use KM Guru Marketing for all of our advertising artwork needs. Their great team is always super easy to work with and are great at taking our vague ideas and creating artwork better than we could have imagined.

Cole is amazing! I love the enthusiasm and optimism he brings to our projects with his graphic design work.

Sometimes, I feel like I don’t explain things very clearly, but somehow, Cole always seems to know what I’m talking about. I try not to drop things on him last minute, but sometimes it does happen, and he is always quick to get us on the right track.

The gaming industry can be a little intense at times, and vendors like Cole are hard to come by. He has such a great attitude and work ethic. He always takes the time to reassure me that I’m doing a great job.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is working with him!

We highly recommend KM Guru Marketing for all of your business artwork needs.

Tribe Azul Clothing | California

We have been working with KM Guru for a couple of weeks, and have been very happy with their service. Working directly with Maggie has been a very positive experience. We, from Tribe Azul, do not hesitate to recommend their social media services. Big thank you to Maggie!

CASA of NE Oklahoma | Oklahoma

Thank you for your hard work and dedication on our new video! Until you stepped in this project was a dream for us. You went above and beyond everything that we had hoped for. Thank you for working with us on pricing, scheduling, deadlines, and all the details.

Your team is first class! The professionalism that you all possess, and the way you conduct your business is second to none – but, I also admire how you want to make this world a little better. Through this project, you have done just that.

You are what we consider super heros!


Since working with KM Guru Marketing our online profile has grown steadily, and the campaign so far has been a great success – thanks!

We have seen a significant increase in sales calls for all our services, and have gained many new customers.

Cedar Tree Properties | Missouri

Kate, it was a pleasure working with you! We didn’t know where to begin on creating a website, and you made it look so fast and easy! Your team is very knowledgeable and very responsive, and addressed all our needs and concerns.

You were also very patient with us! We wish we would have done this sooner. I wholeheartedly recommend Guru for website design and marketing… you guys are awesome!

DeRocili & Associates | Missouri

Kate and her staff helped us redo our website, added an online store, and helped move us off a slow server to Guru’s hosted server.

We had a number of hiccups on our old server, and they worked nights and weekends to make our deadline. A truly professional group of people!

TESTIMONIALS MAKE US SMILEWoody’s Wood-Fire Pizza | Missouri

Our recent partnership with KM Guru Marketing has been a very good choice. We are a small business, and what we thought we knew about SEO, and social media, turned out to be very little.

Kate and her team, have been very responsive, and extremely knowledgeable, in this field. The upgraded website is very sharp, easy to get to, and easy to use – on both desktop and mobile devices.

We are also impressed with Makenzie, at KM Guru, who is heading the social media aspect. We were only scratching the service with our skills, and now with these folks behind us we are seeing more exposure on the site, and in our social media profiles.

More exposure, means more business. Should of done this sooner!

A Feathered Pen | Oklahoma

The KM Guru service has far exceeded anything I/we anticipated. The expertise and efficiency of design and details is excellent. These are real people doing real things for real people. I love them! 

TESTIMONIALS MAKE US SMILEValue Sewing Machine Repair | Missouri

Job well done! I am telling all my friends about you! Excellent job dealing with a guy with no patience! Very happy in working with Guru Marketing!

TESTIMONIALS MAKE US SMILEThe Hive Hair Salon | Missouri

Kate and her team have been phenomenal to work with, and they have done an excellent job promoting my business on social media!

Morris Glaze | Joplin City Council | Missouri

The numbers that the Guru team were able to get for my Social Media campaign pre-election was great! I’m very happy with KM Guru Marketing.

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingLifeChoices Medical | Missouri

Kate and her team have been nothing less than excellent to work with. They’ve listened to our heart and desires, answered a million different questions, and were considerate of our non-profit budget. Their work has been a HUGE blessing to LifeChoices!

Marketing Agency ReviewsWebb City Storage | Missouri

Kate helped our business get an online presence with a website. It only took three days to get our first customer from the site! Working with GURU was a breeze… I was able to do everything electronically, and we are very happy with the results. Thanks to Kate and GURU!

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingChiquita Lemus | Pro 100 Realtors | Missouri

Kate was really nice and professional to work with. She helped me get my site to a place that I was comfortable and happy with, even though we ran into issues getting themes and plugins to work with each other. She also was willing to work with my timeframe and budget, which is a big plus. Not everyone is willing to do that. I definitely recommend her!

Profit Trackers Inc. | California

I never put much thought into marketing my business online. Who chooses an accountant based on an online listing, right? Kate Moss of KM Guru proved me wrong and gave me a return on my investment almost immediately. Within one week of being set up on Google Places I secured a new client, netted a $400 profit and am now looking forward to broadening my online presence with the guidance of my new guru!

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingSpiva Center for the Arts | Missouri

As a non-profit, we do not have endless cash at our disposal for the development and maintenance of a website. The Guru price was right on for us. More importantly, Guru responded immediately to our needs for a complete re-envisioning of our site and capabilities. In addition to a fantastic layout, the video and social optimizing brought us up to date. Kate was a thorough and timely communicator, and encouraged and worked with our very specific drawings and designs. Once we were up and running, she patiently trained us so we could easily maintain the site ourselves. Thank you, KM Guru!

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru Marketing

Ryan Insurance | Kansas

We started working with KM Guru to rework our company web site, and become active in the social media side of marketing our business. We literally had no idea of how to approach this. Kate and her staff worked with us to design a new web site that was exactly what we needed, and have spent time educating us in how to be effective in the use of social media to market our business and stay in front of our client base. Plus they did this in 2 weeks!

We could not have accomplished all this without Kate and her staff, and our business is already reaping the rewards of their hard work. I can only give them my highest recommendation. They are outstanding!

Fieker’s Dark Harvest Hayrides | Missouri

We are a seasonal business, and only open around the Halloween months. We decided to try Guru Marketing this year for our Social Media Posting/Optimization. I have been operating Fieker’s Dark Harvest Hayrides for years now, and this year we tripled our business! And, 99.9% of all clients who came to us said they did so because they found our Facebook page, and our posts! We are so excited, and cannot wait to use Guru Marketing next year. Actually, with the extra money we made this year we may think about doing more advertising with them now and not waiting until Halloween next year. Thanks again! Your customer service was above what I had expected, as they came out to take photos and videos, which I did not have time to do. Truly an amazing company to work with!

R&D Lawn Care & Landscaping | Missouri

KM Guru is a great place to get your website development complete. Kate and her group will always do a good and fast job with all your website/online needs, and as a result her SEO service has boosted my website a lot and I would recommend them any time to others who want to get found online!

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingDick Horton Consulting | Kansas

The initial development of my website by another person did not meet my expectations. Because of that, I asked around and quickly learned of Kate at KM Guru Marketing and so glad that I did. My search criteria for a person/company that could provide the help I needed, and found in KM Guru, included;
  • someone I could trust
  • a person who could explain the logic behind the development of my site and the tools needed to promote it
  • a person who is responsive and always makes me feel that I am the only one on her schedule for the day
  • a person whose recommendations are so strong that they leave no doubt about her experience and commitment to moving my business closer to excellence
Thanks KM GURU for all you have done and will continue to do for my company.

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingHeaven On Earth: Skin Care & Massage | California

Kate Moss is truly the internet guru; she is the best SEO associate out there. Kate is always learning the latest technology and does an immense amount of research. Kate follows through very concisely; she has her priorities in order and is very efficient. I highly recommend Kate for your SEO needs.

Joplin Little Theatre | Missouri

Most impressive, professional, great imagination, and an overall awesome team to work with. Thank you for making it all so easy!

Big R’s Pies | Missouri

It’s so awesome, in our ever present digital world, to work with a company that not only knows their tech, but will communicate on a personal level. KM Guru Marketing has been awesome to work with. The pages they’ve created speak for themselves! They’re each available on a personal level, and are always willing to help and answer questions. They’ve given advice, and provided service that will be essential in taking my business in a new direction. In the business world – it’s excellent when things are done on time and as promised. KM Guru’s partnership has been integral, and I feel confident recommending Kate and her awesome crew to friends and colleagues!

ADC Dental Group | Missouri

Kate and her entire team at Guru Marketing are excellent!

They created a brand new website for us that looks amazing, and functions perfectly. At least weekly we have someone tell us they chose our practice because of our beautiful website. Not to mention Guru SEO has us at, or near the top of the list every time someone searches. It’s a one-two punch!

I recommend KM Guru. They are: Friendly. Professional. Talented. And very fairly priced for the excellent results they achieve.

Circle E Auction | Missouri

Kate redesigned a website for us that was seriously underperforming and unsatisfactory. She went above and beyond the call of duty to assist us in getting the domain transferred from the previous host. We are blessed with her prompt friendly helpfulness! Highly recommend this place!

RE Smith Construction | Missouri

We have used KM Guru Marketing since 2015, and couldn’t be more pleased with the services they provide to us. Specifically, full website content and all of our Facebook posts. I feel like Kate and her staff read my mind, and know what I want before I even ask for it. I would highly recommend them for any future needs you, and your business may have.

Future Wealth LLC | California

Kate and her team are very efficient and professional. From start to finish, they worked tirelessly on developing a kickass website for my firm – from scratch. Along the way, her suggestions and ideas were very insightful. Her quick response to changes and modifications to the website and social media strategy was much appreciated as well.

Escape Game | Arizona

The KM Guru team is extremely professional, and amazing at what they do!

Loans by Irene – Granite Financial | California

Kate did a full revamp of my WordPress site, and I love it! She was helpful, efficient, and very communicative. She also created On Page SEO set-up, which I can see has already been helpful in my business’ organic search ratings. I didn’t feel embarrassed or shy to ask her to change things around when I was indecisive about a widget or image, and that truly made all the difference in working together. As a fellow business owner, I am impressed and thrilled with what you have provided. Thank you!

McVay Pest Control | Missouri

The amazing staff at KM Guru has helped advance our listings to the top of Google’s first page when you search for our services, and helped drive in revenue and allowed us to expand our contacts and customer base. They are very easy to work with, and respond to requests much faster than our previous SEO company. With our previous provider, we weren’t ranked, and always had difficulty getting them to respond to our requests without finding ways to charge us extra fees! KM Guru is an invaluable asset to us, and we could not be more grateful to have found them and to be able to utilize their amazing and cost effective services. If you are looking for top page placement on Google, and would like to bring more solid business through your doors, contact them today!

Intero Real Estate Broker | California

Kate and her team have built me a nice, shiny and new WordPress website and mobile site! I couldn’t be happier with the layout, online SEO presence, and overall reaction by people who use it. Since I am in real estate, there are a lot of layers and details that go into building a professional website. Kate and her team have delivered on that. I am looking forward to continuing to build my site and staying ahead of the competition. Thanks!

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingRely on IT | California

Kate has a keen sense of what works for her individual client’s needs. We have worked with Kate with our mutual clients and I highly recommend her for website design as well as SEO.

Simply Green & Healthy | California

I have loved working with and getting to know Kate Moss of KM Guru. She has a high level of integrity and truly cares about the people with whom she works with, both customer and business associates. She is passionate about providing the best service possible to her clients with consistent and timely follow-up and most importantly, follow-through! All of which I experienced with the many times she helped me. In turn I have referred her several times to other business associates whom she successfully helped as well! I truly enjoy working with Kate and look forward to continuing our business partnership and associations in our future!

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingCreme de Canna | California

Kate and her team are so kind and helpful. They were instrumental in navigating the labyrinth of web marketing and brought us a ton of business.

Show Me the Ozarks Magazine | Missouri

Seven years ago I met with Kate Moss, KM Guru Marketing: SEO & Website Design. Kate and her team built us a totally new website. They host our website each month to include adding our digital edition, special contests, and more. They create special social media ads too. The team is very professional and always makes us feel like we are their most important client. I would recommend Guru Marketing to anyone looking for a new website or agency. She is a woman in business, just like me!

Three Girls Media & Marketing | California

KM Guru helped my public relations and social media management agency, Three Girls Media & Marketing Inc., with a variety of tasks to help improve our search engine optimization. Among other things, they did a terrific job of creating two videos to promote our SEO and were very easy to work with when it came to making revisions and completing the final versions. The Campbell video is now at the top of the search results and the San Jose video is close! I appreciated the attentiveness of Kate Moss and her taking the time to answer my questions throughout the project. I’d highly recommend KM Guru to assist any small business with their search engine optimization needs.

Joplin Decorating Center | Missouri

Your work is innovative and informative. Joplin Decorating Center received several new customers from outlying areas which we had never reached before with conventional advertising. We highly recommend the website advertising approach. Kate’s expertise will pay off!

Blue Dolphin Creations | California

I just got a compliment on the website last week from one of my toddler art student’s parents! Thank you for all your hard work!

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingSend Out Cards | California

Kate is a true expert at web design, hosting and optimization, when others just say that they are. From our very first meeting, Kate had ideas that made sense for my business that I had no idea even existed!!! Her optimization is head and shoulders above anyone else I’ve tried to use, and she thinks out of the box while still being able to implement everything in a very quick and efficient way. She also does a great job of explaining things in layman’s terms, so I could share my ideas and get information from her that I could understand. Want a real expert in this area? Talk with Kate!

Image Publishing | California

KM Guru is a wonderful company, full of knowledge and excitement when it comes to working with people who know what they are doing. The KM Guru group knows how to place you in the upper ranks of Google to make your company shine and be noticed. They are cognizant of your company and what would work best for you. Time and money efficient, and so easy to work with to make you a success. SEO at its best!

Robert Dougherty | CPA | California

Kate worked with me to establish my comprehensive internet marketing plan. With her help we established integrated media presence to promote and provide customer access for my tax practice and a political campaign I ran several years ago. Her work ethic is exemplary and her knowledge of ways to get better internet notice was as complete as I’ve seen. Kate has an exemplary work ethic and has a broad base knowledge of what it takes to complete a project and support the client after the sale is complete. You can use her services with confidence.

Marketing Agency Reviews KM Guru MarketingStorz Insurance Services | California

Identifying how to get good Google placement was a challenge for my insurance agent brain but by leaving it to Kate, I got there! Kate, with KM guru, helped quickly identify ways to get the best placement and clearly showed me how to implement an SEO strategy. There were so many sites that we were not aware of for SEO and that knowledge helped extend our web presence. By clearly showing how SEO works, it finally makes sense. Her teaching shows she knows how to master the web and increase viewership of your site. And with a commitment to honest practices and real advise, it’s a no-brainer. Thanks KM Guru!

Just Document Preparation | California

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you again for the wonderful work you did on our program. Our Google places are showing up first on the map for all our locations. Our website is showing up organically above the map as well. The optimization you did on the website was very effective as we are in the results for searches for all of our different services. Along with our top ranking Google AdWords program, WE OWN THE PAGE. We could not have done it without you. Your service was personal and you gave us the attention we needed, as opposed to others we tried before who wouldn’t return our calls. Our Facebook likes are growing fast; we have new blog subscribers every day and our clients are engaging us in all these mediums. I couldn’t have asked for more. We are already seeing growth and can’t wait to see what comes in the future. Thanks again for everything.

Eternal Health & Wellness Acupuncture | California

Kate is a true market GURU on line. My website is well designed now finally after Kate’s crafting with her excellent marketing skills and talents on the web marketing. She not only designs your website as you dreamed, but makes your website appear on the first page of search engines. In the past Kate helped my website with SEO and that increased lead generation, because my website showed on the first page, and I am really happy with her wonderful work, tireless attitude and ultimate smile. It is so easy and comfortable to work with her. I am so grateful that I found Kate and I am going to continue to work with her for a long time.

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