Hiring a Graphic Designer doesn’t have to be difficult. Looking at someone’s education, design credibility, and of course – their portfolio would be critical. Having a call, or meeting with them to find out their personality would also be a good start.

At Guru Marketing, our main designer (Cole Moss) is already leading the way! He comes with a wild history of graduating top of his class (Otis College of Art & Design), and published several books at a very young age. His talents include a series of unicorn books – including Unicorn Being a Jerk, and Why Unicorn Drinks. Check them out if you ever have time, and are looking for a laugh.

Cole also does all of the work for Prairie Sun & Prairie Moon Casinos in Miami, OK. The relationship he has with them runs as smoothly as it could, and their communication is an integral part of the success. 

The image in this blog post is one of the latest Cole did for their upcoming party. He has a lot of fun designing with them, and enjoys much color when he does.

Graphic Design work in combination with a partnership that yields fun, and also professionalism and timeliness – is exactly what Guru Marketing strives for with our clients.

To view our graphic portfolio, please visit the button below. Thanks for your interest!