A terrific benefit to business owners

Facebook has more than 1,310,000,000 active users as of 2014. The great aspect of this is that so many of those users are in your own back yard. Facebook is much like a huge family with endless connections. For example, we can send a friend a request to someone 10,000 miles away or just around the corner. Just the sheer notion of being able to connect with any and everybody becomes a powerful tool for small businesses. Facebook is seen by most people as a place to chat, share pictures or just let the world know your every move. The usages are simply endless, which is another reason to optimize your website search engine for a much broader customer base.

Facebook business page important

As a business owner, it is only natural that you would want to see your customer and client base skyrocket at a 100 percent rate. If you’re getting 300 people a day to walk through your doors as a print shop company, then by using Facebook in the right way you can increase those numbers substantially. And the best part is it costs you nothing. Picture this. If an extra 700 people come into your place of business each month to use your services and the average transaction on the low side is $20 per order, you get an obvious $14,000 lift in revenue. These numbers can be nothing short of staggering in growth with the help of a platform that is totally free. A Facebook page has the potential to bring in results but it is up to the business owner to get needed guidance from an SEO specialist.

Marketing expertise needed

Just getting a Facebook page up isn’t enough. You must know how to market that page to the masses. You must know how to dominate your local market by using simple and, yet, 100 percent effective marketing tactics that will grow your business massively.

Utilizing Facebook page imperative

Most people really don’t know what’s going on with their Facebook page, and if they do, then they know nothing about utilizing it. Just having a Facebook page for your business means absolutely nothing if no one is engaging in the content. If no one comes there and shares your content or likes your page, then you might as well not even have one. One important thing to know is you can create pages on your Facebook page. You can run contests to give away coupons and discounts just for people liking your page. What about if you’re located in Shreveport, La., and you want to target everyone who has a Facebook profile in that city? Maybe you have a fitness gym, and you want everyone in the city to be able to come to your Facebook page to get their first month free membership coupon. You can do this by using their sponsoring program where you pay to show up on everyone’s page.

In addition, many business don’t even know about the Facebook Check-In where you can have your customers to check in when at your place of business. This is so powerful that anyone who is using this will be light years ahead of the local competition.

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