Wow, somehow September is already here, and we are quickly nearing prime holiday marketing season in the US. And, despite a continuing growth in users and advertising spend on Facebook, many business owners are still unable to understand Facebook’s new algorithm and how it affects content that appears on users’ newsfeeds.

Last year, Facebook made a major change in its News Feed algorithm and the type of content users see first, and most often. According to Hubspot, by August,

“the News Feed algorithm change had resulted in a drop in engagement for Business Pages — within some categories, by as much as 50%. But a year later, a new study says that engagement may have rebounded significantly in 2019 — but with specific types and sources of content”. (

So, what kind of content is making a comeback on Facebook, and how can businesses ramp up their marketing reach for the busy 2019 approaching holiday season? Find out below.

Facebook’s Goal is to Show People Stories That Are Most Relevant to Them

According to CPC Strategy, there are four major influences that tell Facebook if a story is relevant for a user’s News Feed.

  1. Inventory, which represents the total stock of all content available.
  2. Signals, which represent all information that Facebook can gather about a piece of content.
  3. Predictions, which represent the behavior of a user and how likely they are to have a positive interaction with a content piece.
  4. Score, which is the final number assigned to a piece of content based on the likelihood the user will respond positively to it.


Mobile Formatting Gets Even Shorter

Starting on August 19, Facebook’s mobile ad formatting and mobile Page post formatting will become even more compressed. The reason? To allow users to scroll through their feeds more quickly.

Now, only three lines of primary text will be shown in the feed, and users will have to click if they want to view more.

The maximum height for videos will be reduced to 4:5. 

Both organic and ad posts need to be short enough in order to even show up in the new News Feed.

Make Your Facebook Ad Spend Count

The new Facebook algorithm favors content that performs well organically. Content that is already performing well on it’s own means lower CPCs and better-spent ad dollars.

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