What is a Conversion Path?
According to our friends at Hubspot, a conversion path is the process by which an
anonymous website visitor becomes a known lead. Simply put, a conversion path is
the process to get your website visitors to do what you want them to do.
When you hire magical, professional web developers like us (shameless plug), you
will find a pretty wonderful conversion path that consists of a call-to-action, a
landing page, and a thank you page. So what do these mean to your website?


The Call-to-Action
Ah, CTAs, how we love thee. A call-to-action (CTA) is the offer that prompts the
audience to take an immediate action. Whether that is to view their work or
subscribe to their e-newsletter, the CTA should be attention getting, to the point,
and always something that will spark the interest of the viewer.


The Landing Page
So the buyer is interested in your content—lucky you! They’ve hit the big, shiny CTA
button and need to be redirected. To where, you ask? A landing page (a specialized
website page created for the sole purpose to collect the visitors’ contact information
in exchange for something valuable to them.

A great landing page should be contextually aligned with the website visitor. Always
keep in mind two things: (1) who your buyer personas are and, (2) where they are
in their buyer’s journey. The landing page should reiterate the fantastic information
you are going to provide your website visitor in exchange for their information.


The Thank You (!!!) Page

The thank you page marks the end of your conversion path. The website visitor is
officially a lead.

A thank you page (TYP) is where your lead can download the offer from your call-to-
action. Pro-tip: offer additional content on your thank you page to keep your new
lead excited about your business and website. You now have the tracking information you need to better understand your
audience. If your conversion path is done well, you can go beyond the first conversion and help your lead through the next part of their buyer’s journey and
become a customer.

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