We hear a lot these days about the need for businesses to have a presence on social media.

This is because social networks have become the “norm” for society. The majority of the world is on some type of social network and this is only going to increase as time goes forward.

However, your presence on social networks should be just that, a presence. You should treat it as an outpost to attract people to the home base, which is your website.

If you don’t have a website, you’re loosing a major benefit of having a social media presence. It’s like having an army with no where to send them, or a car with no gas . You need a website so that you have a place to send the fans you’re gaining, so that they can become customers.

Fortunately, we can help with this. We specialize in websites and social media. Our websites are  based in WordPress, which allows them to integrate with social media so that your customers have a place to go.

We also utilize the most current SEO techniques in our web design so that you rank higher in Google searches, allowing you to be found faster. This gives you one more way to direct people to your website.

If you’re needing a website for your business, contact our offices in Joplin, MO. We specialize in web design and web development and have the experience and expertise to make your website a success. 

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