If you’ve done any type of research on internet marketing, you know that SEO is huge. The problem is that most companies claiming to specialize in it are either not actually doing it, or they’re doing it all wrong.

SEO is more than a buzzword and when used correctly, it can generate a profitable return for your business. However, in order for it to be effective, it has to be done correctly and with the proper goals in mind.

Goal #1 is to find the keywords that have a high search volume, but low competition.

What constitutes a “high search volume” will be different for every business and/or product. For some, 100 searches will be high, whereas for others, 10,000 searches will be closer to the mark. The key isn’t finding the most searched words, but those specific words which will lead people to your business. You want to find and target keywords that have a high enough search volume to bring you a significant amount of traffic.

Now with that being said, you also want to find keywords that have the lowest competition possible. This allows you to rank higher in Google searches faster and easier than your competitors. Unfortunately, many businesses and SEO companies either ignore or don’t comprehend the importance of keyword competition.

Goal #2 is to target keywords that have the focus on buyer intent.

The point of choosing words that focus on buyer intent is to find customers who are are in the market for the service or item that you are selling, based on the searches they are conducting. A keyword like, “buy lawnmower blades” has a very strong amount of buyer intent with it. That person is actively looking for one specific thing and that is to buy lawnmower blades over the internet. This is especially helpful for websites which have an ecommerce platform as it converts very well.

This is different from someone who is using informational keywords. A keyword like, “how to fix lawnmowers” is informational and is less likely to convert customers. This person isn’t yet looking to buy, but is merely seeking information.

Goal #3 is to choose those keywords which will fully utilize your traffic potential.

This is done by making targeting decisions based on the aggregate search volume of the keywords related to it (long tail keywords) that you can potentially rank for, along with your original keywords.

All of these goals work together in order to form to attract customers through effective SEO. If you can attract enough of the right customers, you’ll see your profits soar.

If you’re looking for a company that specializes in SEO and can improve your search ranking. Contact our offices in Joplin, MO. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help your business grow.

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