The age-old question of why social media is important. It seems like such a daunting, and overwhelming (maybe daily) task. Trying to figure out the point of creating these vibrant and informative posts on your social profiles, and by the way… who is reading all this?

First, take a deep breath and realize that you are not alone. Most business owners are feeling the same way. You have three options, in our opinion, and here they are for you to decide:

1- Leave it alone to die off. Don’t be part of the game. Sit back, and watch your competition take all your intended calls.

2- Do It Yourself. Be part of the new wave of Do It Yourselfers, and handle your business. Make the time to set, or schedule one post a day. Write the post about something meaningful like a service you provide, add a link to your website, add your contact information, and add an eye catching graphic. Be proud of what you have posted. Share it. Ask your friends and followers to share as well. In time, you will begin to enjoy the social media process.

3- Hire an expert to do it for you. There are many social media posting companies out there, so know what your options are. A thought is to Google one, and find the company that comes up first. A general rule of thought is whoever comes up first understands SEO, and is running a tight ship. Trust that one, and call them!

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