Creating high-quality content to represent your company is important, though not everyone knows how to go about it. It can be difficult to come up with a game plan that works for you and your busy schedule. Making content that is SEO friendly and helps you rank better in Google can be an even bigger hurdle to jump over. We at Guru want to make sure your content works for you and not against you. Here are a few tips for creating the best content that both viewers and Google love.

Understand User Intent

You need to know what the reader wants to accomplish when they land on your page. By anticipating their wants and needs you can make sure you’re providing the best experience possible.

Understand your customer: You need to know who your reader is, what they like, what they dislike, and why they’re there.

Break up the text: People have short attention spans, and writing giant walls of text doesn’t hold people’s attention. You need to break it up with plenty of headers and images.

Make it actionable: There’s nothing worse than interacting with a piece of enjoyable content and not having a call to action or next step. Your content should be thorough, but it also needs to answer the question, “What now?”

Improve Your Social Interaction

Getting likes, comments, and shares on social media can help increase your business and boost SEO. Having posts that link back to your site is a great SEO strategy to get more website traffic. Here are a few tips on improving social interaction.

Create great content: Creating the best quality content is the most basic way to get shares, likes, and comments — plain and simple. Google picks up on reused content or low-quality content after a while. Everything in business is an exchange of value, and the same goes for SEO marketing. Provide valuable content to the people you market to ad well as Google and over time you will see positive results.

Be consistent: Consistency is extremely important in SEO and social media. If you post once every three months, not only will social media algorithms not have anything to pick up on, but also there won’t be anyone around to share the content because it’s been so long since your previous post. Posting consistently on social media requires you to have new content to share on a regular basis. It all goes full circle.

Make sure to add a link or call to action: If people can’t quickly and easily get to your website or more information they will normally move on. Making sure there is a link or some way for them to get more information right away will improve interaction.

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