As we move into 2023, we’re fairly confident that almost everyone understands why marketing is important for businesses to succeed. After all, you can offer a truly fantastic product or service, but if you don’t get the word out, how can you expect to grow?

However, believe it or not, the concept of “brand marketing” is still met with some resistance and skepticism. Many consider spending time and money promoting your brand a bit of a waste of time and they feel like they will grow naturally in time.

But in the age of social media and the internet, your branding and marketing are an integral part of your success. Good products and services alone won’t sustain you these days. That’s why brand marketing is an absolute must for companies and brand managers that want to outshine the competition in 2023. In this two-part blog, we will discuss what brand marketing is and give a few tips on how you can integrate it into your own marketing strategy.

What Is Brand Marketing

While marketing is the growth and promotion of a company’s products and services, brand marketing is a bit different. Brand marketing is a long-term strategy that includes one’s “brand” in every aspect, and tells consumers who you are. Its goal is to strategically improve brand recognition, awareness, consideration, and value through the growth of a loyal customer base. This can be achieved through continually and consistently communicating a brand’s identity and values in meaningful and engaging ways. There are many facets of good brand marketing, such as brand personality, brand image, brand communication, brand values, and brand associations. All of these smaller parts add up to define a company’s overall brand marketing approach, with the number one goal being to increase brand awareness. To better understand this concept, let’s discuss the most important aspects of a strong brand marketing strategy.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is how a company decides to portray itself and has to do with the visible elements of the brand. From brand names, to logos, to colors, to design styles, everything that visually represents your brand is a part of your brand identity. Building a positive and cohesive brand identity is crucial for a company’s success as it makes selling your products and services much easier. It’s also important that your brand identity is consistent across all platforms. It needs to support your brand’s overall image and objectives. What’s the goal of brand identity you may ask? Consumers are able to quickly and easily recognize your brand in any location. From your logo to your brand colors, your brand identity needs to be unique to stand out. Having consistency across your branding can also make your company seem more legitimate and professional in the eyes of the consumer.

Brand Values

Brand values are another essential element to any successful brand marketing strategy. Brand values are the beliefs and principles that define what your company stands for.

They should also exemplify your brand’s goals and serve as a roadmap to guide other important, brand-related aspects, such as your brand story, communication, and image.

Brand values help steer your brand marketing strategy, as they serve as constant reminders of what’s truly important to your company. In a day and age where most consumers will trust a brand whose values align with their own, make sure your brand values are visible and well-integrated into your brand communication. In part two we will discuss brand communication, brand image, and brand association so stay tuned!

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