Most of you are still really concerned with the conversion from Google Places to your new Google Local Plus profile. Just rest assured that all the information you once had should have been converted. If it was not then you can go back in and claim the page again. If you still have difficulty please contact us.

Once you are up and running on your new Google Local Plus page you will see the different layout. Please make sure to add the address to your business, so the directions tab will now work, and you will need to examine your photos to make sure they are all still there. You get ten.

Unfortunately, your videos you had on Google Places are no longer going to be visible with Google Local Plus. Make sure you have a Youtube channel and have these videos up, optimized, and pointing back to your WordPress site. Let us know if you need help with this.

Google Local Plus is now the new source of local business results, so please make sure you have your profile ready for business.