Let’s chat about links — Did you know that they were the first “off-page” ranking contributor for search engines? Google uses link analysis to improve relevancy on the search optimization of your page. In short, Google uses links to evaluate whether something is relevant to your business and ranks you from there. With that being said, links and reputable content still remain some of the most important factors when it comes to how Google ranks your business. Let’s examine the three components when providing links to your page.

Use Links From Trusted Websites

You’ll want to make sure that the links you are using are from quality websites and have relevant content for your company. Google will rank you better the more specific the content is that is drawing your audience back to your website, so make sure the links you use are from trusted sources that target your industry. This will go a lot further than just including a link in the comment area of a blog. 

Use Links From Pages That Use Similar Keywords

Anchor text, also known as Hyperlink, is also used by Google to rank your business. It uses the text in blue to decipher what your site is all about. The search engines will read the words you have associated with your website to determine the relevancy of the content, which in turn, ranks your business. Using hyperlinks in your content will also tell your user about the content they are going to be directed to if they click the link.

Although we can’t always control how others hyperlink our website, we can, however, control the words we use on our own content. When working on your anchor text be sure to stick with grammatical language that reads natural and utilizes relevant words and terms. Use the underlined, highlighted hyperlink text that users are used to and remember to keep it concise. Avoid using an overabundance of keywords, generic anchor texts (“click here”), and misleading hyperlink texts to trick your views into clicking. 

Use An Array Of High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are the links from other sites to point back to your business. In short, these links send signals to Google’s search engine to evaluate the accuracy and relevancy of the content. Thus, ranking your website yet again. It’s important to note that having a lot of links can attribute to a successful SEO ranking. 

During the link-building process for gathering backlinks on your website, be sure to do your research on potential targets who may offer you helpful links that are relevant to your business. Be concise and thorough in your exploration of these targets so that you are sending out emails that will assist in the proper ranking of your business rather than wasting time on targets who will provide you with irrelevant links. 

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