In the marketing world, the word “brand” gets thrown around often – on brand, personal brand, brand identity, etc. But there can be some confusion for new start-ups as well as for established corporations regarding branding, and what their brand even is. If you find yourself in that same position within your company, you might be thinking – “do I really need to hire an external marketing agency for this”? The answer is generally, yes. You might also be wondering, “is branding expensive?”. Luckily, the answer to that is: it doesn’t have to be.

As it turns out, there are some creative ways to brand your business effectively without a ton of cash. And while it can require an investment of time, the ROI won’t go unnoticed — in some cases, it can actually help you save money, while also growing your business.

Develop Your Brand Voice

Do you want your business to be seen as a thought leader dedicated to providing the best educational resources in your field, or do you want your brand to come across as fun, warm, and engaging? Once you answer these questions, you should focus on creating content that supports them. Craft compelling emails, blogs, social posts, and multimedia that reflect your company’s mission, values, and how you want to appear to customers.

Create Buyer Personas

You’ve probably heard that knowing your audience is the key to creating marketing messages that appeal to them. A great way to get to know them? Create a buyer persona — a semi-fictionalized representation of the values and characteristics of your ideal customer. You can learn more about buyer personas here.

Get Started On Building Your Social Media Presence

So, we know who your personas are. And now, we have an idea of what and how to create messaging that connects with them. But where are they?

Since you have a clear picture of what your audience is interested in, next, figure out where they’re spending the most time on social media. We’ve talked about how effective it is to reach people where they’re already present, and that includes their online behavior.

Maintaining a presence is just as important as building one — for example, have you ever gone to a brand’s Facebook page, only to find that nothing has been posted in the past three months? Chances are, it didn’t have a positive impact on your perception.

This can easily be avoided by hiring an external marketing agency in Joplin MO to handle all of your social media posting for you on a monthly basis.

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