Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to get traffic to your website. Just so we’re clear: we are goo-goo for SEO. In addition to getting more traffic to your website, you get more customers into your restaurant. Want more diners at your joint? Here’s a brief look into SEO for restaurateurs.

Use Google My Business and Google +

The first thing any business owner should do is to claim their business on Google. This alone will help tremendously in the search engine. Google place is where your restaurant may show up in the Google search and Google Maps for its physical location. It also allows you to publish your hours of operation, address, and contact information.

Google + is a social media platform that allows your clients to view more of your social profile as well as leave reviews.

Optimize Your Website

Say it with us: a high quality website helps you show up on search engines. Along with a high website grade, a website with relevant content helps you dominate your local restaurant competition.

You need to have strong and relevant titles, functional URLs and H1 and H2 tags. Next, a strong meta description helps you rank higher on the search engines and also gives your customers a taste of what your website is about.

For a local restaurant, leaving a physical address, phone number, email, and other relevant contact information that is easy to find is imperative for business. Gather customer testimonials and reviews to help your potential customers make their decision.

Don’t Forget About the Conversions

For a local restaurant, your main goal is to have foot traffic – you want people to walk through the front door, grab a bite to eat, and stay awhile. Then you want them to tell all their friends about how great their experience was. This means that you have to focus on conversions from the folks who visit your website. It’s just useless if they visit your website and leave.

Part of a fool-proof conversion path means making things like the menu, contact information, or option to make reservations is easy to find and nice to look at. Leave a clear call to action (CTA) on every page.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Social Media

In fact – we think it’s extremely important to hop on to all the relevant social platforms. For us, this means Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn. All of your social media channels must need to list your physical address, contact info, and, of course, links to your website.

To engage with your audience, create interesting and relevant content for your users to like and share. It will eventually help your business expand across more followers.

Just because you are a local business doesn’t mean you have to be just another option. Local search is extremely targeted to clients who are located near you. Follow the tips we listed above for improved conversion rates. By effectively using SEO tips, you will be headed to the top of Google in no time.

Get started now by contacting our SEO and marketing experts in Joplin. We can’t wait to work with you.

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