Most business fall in one of two camps. They either don’t have a website, or they don’t have a good one and either way they spend more time making excuses for why things are what they are than simply changing to make things better. If you’re in either camp and are ready to radically improve your company’s web presence, here are five reasons to have your website run on WordPress.

1. WordPress is Easy.

It can be edited, managed and updated without needing a PhD (although it does help if you’re a guru…like us).

2. WordPress is Great for Blogs and Websites.

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but as time has progressed it has transformed into a full-featured web content management system. It has the capabilities or managing your entire website, not just your blog and can be customized to your specific industry.

3. WordPress is Easily Customizable.

WordPress has thousands of themes that can be edited to any type of company or industry. It makes it easy to design a website that reflects your organization perfectly.

4. WordPress is Scalable.

WordPress can grow with your company and add features as you need them such a store, members area, and any other feature that you may need to reach your customer base.

5. WordPress is Search Engine Friendly.

WordPress is search engine friendly and allows your website to solve tons of SEO issues before they happen. This allows your company to reach more potential clients than ever before using the power of search engine giants like Google to bring them to your site.

If you’re looking to revamp your website, or build a new one, we can help. We have extensive WordPress experience and have created websites for a wide variety of clients. Contact our offices in either Los Gatos, CA or Joplin, MO and find out how we can help you.