Recently we gave you five reasons your website should run on WordPress. Well, in case you needed a few more reasons to make the switch or take the plunge, here they are!

1. WordPress is popular.

WordPress is one of the most popular systems for web publishing in the world with more and more features being developed all the time. This makes it easy to manage and update knowing that it is on a platform that is accepted all across the globe.

2. WordPress has a community atmosphere.

With so many users and developers working on the same platform, a natural community has arisen to continue its success. This makes trouble shooting easier as you have access to so many people with experience in a wide variety of issues.

3. WordPress is Mobile Friendly.

More and more customers are using their phones as their primary method of connectivity. This means you need a website that will look equally good on a phone, tablet or desktop computer. WordPress makes this easy to accomplish so that your site looks great no matter where and on what it’s being viewed.

4. WordPress is a Mature Platform.

WordPress has been around for over a decade and has continued to evolve and develop throughout that time. When you use WordPress you’re using a trusted platform for your website that you can trust.

5. WordPress is Open Source.

WordPress is not bound by commercial restrictions and limitations. That means that the software can be used any way you choose and your website can be hosted by a variety of vendors. You need not fear that a change in someone else’s business model will affect your website and your website can be custom designed and individualized to your exact needs and specifications.

If you’re looking to revamp your website, or build a new one, we can help. We have extensive WordPress experience and have created websites for a wide variety of clients. Contact our offices in either Los Gatos, CA or Joplin, MO and find out how we can help you.