How often during the day are you on your mobile device? Five hours, nine hours… one? How often out of that time are you on a social networking site, or browsing for your next local purchase?

No matter what market you live in, or how technologically savvy you think everyone around you is, mobile is more and more important by the day. Especially, for an online business competing with other businesses of a national reach.

Responsive is not enough, and can often leave the user disoriented and frustrated on the functions of your site not working properly. Why not have a mobile site that plays a huge part in your overall SEO, and is a factor is your Quality Score to Google?

Wake up. If you are a local business owner and don’t have a mobile site you are just plain and simply missing out. The cost is a small one time charge, and we take care of the rest. Be a part of the game, and move ahead of the crowd. Wave at them as you pass by.

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