Gone are the days of paying a ton of money for advertising. It’s just a thing of the past now. “Old News” some would say. =)

Seriously, businesses used to pay for a lead list, a graphic designer to create a postcard, the postage to mail the card out, and then cross their fingers and hope someone not only didn’t throw the card in the trash, but actually called the number of the business on the card.

Today, Inbound Marketing tracks all users who come to your website. We do that via a tool called HubSpot, website forms, subscription forms, live chats, and more.

And, the great part about these leads is that we know they are already interested in your business, and want to know more – they went to your website to tell you.

Here at Guru Marketing – we’ve used HubSpot for over 10 years now, and absolutely recommend it to all of our clients to use, and we manage the portal and functionality for them.

To learn more about our Inbound Marketing service via HubSpot, please visit the button below. Thanks for your interest!