That’s right – we’re talking colors!

Studies in marketing have found that particular colors have varying effects on customers. Using this conclusion, brands can influence their target audience by simply choosing the proper color combinations when designing content, logos, and other business-related graphics.

How To Use Color Psychology

Each color has its own psychological response. Once you learn these responses, you can then select colors accordingly to match the message you want to convey to your audience and potential customers.

Why Is This Relevant To You?

Did you know that color can often be the sole reason for purchasing a product? Studies have shown that over 84% of buyers claim color is the primary reason for their purchase. Interestingly enough, over 52% of customers won’t return to a store if they don’t like the aesthetic. All that to say, when buying a product, 3% of customers look at the texture of a product, 1% decide based on smell or sound, and 93% of buyers focus on the visual appearance.

A Color Emotion Guide | Some Examples

Red: This color is often used by fast-food restaurants as it can encourage appetite, and create a sense of urgency. It is also associated with emotions like passion and excitement and is high energy focused. Interestingly enough, the color red also affects nerve impulses and raises your blood pressure and heart rate when viewing.

Blue: This color is associated with reliability and security. It promotes trust, productivity, and maturity. You’ll find this color is used in most office and corporate businesses.

Green: This color is all about nature and stimulating health tranquility. Oftentimes, you will see green being used to promote environmental issues. This color can also help relax customers in your store and encourages a balance of emotions that assists with being decisive.

White: This color is associated with all things pure, clean, and safe. The great thing about the color white is that it can act as a clean slate that sparks creativity.

Let The Gurus Help You Create A Brand Kit For Your Business

Branding kits are so important to your overall business look, and how you appear publically. Putting together a branding kit for your business should be one of the first things you do with your marketing agency. This also offers the comfort that anyone you work with on your advertising can be on the same page. Your color palette, font types, logo usage, and more are all in one handy place. When selecting your brand kit elements, follow your feelings and what colors and fonts make you smile!

Let us know what questions you may have, and shoot us an email ([email protected]) if you would like to see some recent examples of ones we did for our clients. Thanks!