Just reaffirming the importance of social networking yet once again. The top social sites that are a must to be on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you are a business with lots of photos your user may want to view then you should have a presence on Flickr and Pinterest. If you are not the overall quality score of your website will be dramatically lower than other competition you have online that is.

Google+ is still on the move to becoming the top social networking site out there, and rightfully so, as this is the engine on which 67% of us search daily. Google+ is not just a social networking site, but they are encouraging users to leave feedback about their experiences at their favorite local businesses. These reviews, ratings, comments, and photos that the user leaves are going to play a huge weight in your overall SEO.

To sum it all up – your social networking profiles need to have unique backlinks that point back to your WordPress site. The profiles need to be robust with reviews, content, daily/weekly postings, photos, and more.

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