1. HootSuite
Hootsuite is a social network management platform that is simple enough for the
everyday social media user. Hootsuite comes with a free version that you can use for
as long as you wish, and if you feel like you need more capabilities, the paid options
are fairly inexpensive.

Hootsuite is great for the social media marketer who needs a simple interface where
they can schedule posts in advance across many different social platforms, as well as
measure analytics to see how your content is performing.


2. Facebook Ads Manager
Facebook ads manager is becoming a vital tool in many marketers’ tool kits. Paying
for advertising on Facebook is important to a business’ social media strategy. Paying
for a boosted ad helps expand the reach of your ad. Using Facebook Ad Manager, you
can tailor who your post will be seen by. You can target certain demographics,
locations, occupations, and more.

Paying even just a few dollars for a boosted Facebook ad can help promote you
business page, increase your reach, and gain new leads.


3. Planoly
Planoly is a fantastic tool for the dedicate Instagram user. The Planoly app can be
used on a desktop or mobile device and assists you in visually planning, managing,
and scheduling your Instagram posts.

Planoly is a great tool for the brand marketer who wants to keep their Instagram
grid looking perfect. Keep the free version forever, or get billed monthly for the
analytics tool and upload as many photos, videos, or GIFs as you want.


4. MeetEdgar
MeetEdgar is another social media scheduling tool, but it differs from others
because it allows you to recycle your old posts. You can organize your posts by
category, schedule your content from each category, and then the app will
automatically posts your content from each category. Once it’s gone through your
scheduled posts, it will begin recycling the older posts.


IFTT is a free software that helps connect all your devices and social media
platforms. It stands for “if this, then that”—and does just what it says. You can create
chains of simple conditional statements called ‘applets’. For example, an applet may
send an email message if the user tweets using a hashtag, or tweet a post that the
user posted to Instagram.

Other nice IFTT bonuses that are non-marketing related include daily weather
updates and connecting with devices such as Phillips Hue to turn on the lights when
your pizza is being delivered through your Dominos app. #winning!


6. BuzzSumo
Having trouble creating new marketing content? BuzzSumo can help. The app
allows users to plug in a topic or keyword and find popular trending posts in each
category, or go a step further and view a list of influencers who are sharing that

BuzzSumo is the tool every marketer needs to keep producing relevant content and
grow your online following.


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