Are you an individual with a super awesome business or brand, but have no idea how to go about marketing it? If so, Guru Marketing is here to help! We will strategize with you and execute a marketing plan for your company that fits your unique brand. We love partnering with the creative, visionary client who needs some assistance in making their marketing goals for their business come to life. That’s why our company will help you actually create a strategic plan to get there using social media content, email newsletters, keyword-rich blogs, and a whole lot of backend SEO work. There is lots of space for the magic to happen! Are you ready to experience it for yourself? 

We believe that your marketing plan fits between two keywords — Authenticity and Strategy. 

We want to hear about your business and get a feel for your authentic self. From there, we will also want to understand your audience, target audience, and who your ideal customer would be in your eyes. This understanding will help our content-creating gurus create the most epic graphics that reach those audiences, all the while, staying true to your brand kit and the authenticity of your brand. Our website designers will also take those ideas and create an aesthetically pleasing website from scratch that includes eye-catching graphics of your choice that represent your business in the best light. 

Needing A Brand Kit & New Pictures For Your Website?

We know just how important color psychology is when it comes to marketing businesses and brands. That’s why our team would love to help you create a brand kit that consists of a specific color scheme that matches well with your logo and is eye-catching to the audience you are trying to draw in. We will also help you out when it comes to the visual images on your website. You’ll want these photos to really stand out since they will be what your potential customer sees first when they view your site. If you’re in need of some brand-new pictures, you can also schedule for our photographer to come out and take new headshots photos, pictures of your business building, and the products that you offer. By adding these visual touches, your website will really start to come to life. As we say here at KM GURU — we know it will be rad! 

Now, Let’s Talk Strategy

At KM Guru Marketing, we believe that the overall key to a quality marketing strategy plan is focusing a good chunk of our time on SEO. We will create everything on the backend of your website that Google favors to rank your business at the top of the search results above your competition. This is Search Engine Optimization at its finest! We will also play with Google Analytics by writing keyword-rich blogs for your website that will also help Google rank your business via SEO. From there, we can also create and customize email newsletters for you and send out highly targeted campaigns that reach your precise market. We track these campaigns and re-adjust consistency by analyzing the detailed reports. This will not only help market your services but will also assist with the SEO strategy plan we are creating for you. 

Ready To Start Marketing Your Business The Guru Way? 

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