I talk a ton about SEO, for obvious reasons, but I think it is so important to specify that there are two types of SEO: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Both have a science behind how they operate, how they are looked at by Google, and how they play a part in your overall website performance online.

On Page SEO is just that – how to maximize your optimization on your “page”… your website. In this case, we always use WordPress which is an active blog. The best known to Google and has proven us for years to offer many more Quality Score points than using another platform available. By utilizing WordPress along you can give your website score an additional 20 points. This is huge!

Google’s algorithm says they want about five sections of work to be completed on your website. The first, and these go in order of importance, is “Does your website have a blog component?”. If so great, and if not you either need to seriously think about converting your website to WordPress with us, or create a dedicated Blog page on your current site.

Second is “What SEO tactics are you using?”. Are you writing content on your Home page that is keyword rich and matches the services that your local business offers? Are you utilizing a F&Qs page, or a Services page with good keyword rich content?

Third is “Does your website have a lead generation section?”. Do you have a contact us form with a dedicated page, or maybe a monthly newsletter you want users to sign up for via their email, or maybe a weekly special for your restaurant. Do you have a way that you capture leads, and preferably on your Home page?

Social media, social media, and more social media is the fourth item. I cannot stress enough how important social media is, and even more importantly are you on Google+? If not, drop everything you are doing and create an business account there… now. Post photos of your business, tips and tricks, specials, coupons, updates, or just tell your user more about what makes your business above your other local competitors.

“Do you have a mobile website for your business?” is the last. This is a separate WordPress site than your main one. It has its own domain, login, platform, and looks similar but operates for a mobile device. A click to call, click for directions, click for the menu of your restaurant, click to schedule an appointment or reservation, etc. Don’t be confused with a responsive WordPress website. Not the same.

Get with it, and if you are not call us.

Contact KM Guru if you have questions at (408) 766-4878, or here.

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