If anyone asks, you can say you heard it here first: email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, according to the DMA, email generates an average of $38 in return for every $1 invested. With the global average open and click-through rates being 24.29% and 3.97%, respectively. That’s about the same as every fourth person you send your email to, which, for most businesses, stands up to your organic reach on Facebook pretty nicely.

When looking at triggered emails, the results are much higher: they are opened on an average of 45.7% with a click-through rate of 10.75%. Triggered emails are automated marketing messages based on a prospective client’s behaviors online, and they are so effective thanks to their relevance to the customer. Relevance plus timeliness plus value equals an effective email.

Not sure how to implement triggered emails into your marketing strategy? Here are three unique examples of triggered emails that are sure to close more leads.

The Welcome Email
An automated welcome email to clients who sign up for your services is your first opportunity to effectively connect with them through email. Keep it simple. Explain how your product or service works—view it as a chance to further educate your new followers.

Added Items to Their Cart, but Didn’t Check Out
Let’s say your prospect is almost taking the action you want, but they don’t quite make it there. Now’s the time to send related content, alternative actions, or a simply a little nudge.

Following up on this by addressing their hesitation: “What can we do to help?” will allow you to address their second thoughts head on.

The Content Follow-Up
There are two different ways you can go about this one. You could either:

a) Trigger an email immediately or
b) Save any data you collect about which content they view for a future email

No matter how you decide to approach this email, you should send related email messages tailored around that topic.

Effectively communicating with prospective clients can be a headache, not to mention expensive. And, sometimes in the face of all of the shiny, expensive, and new marketing tactics, we can forget about the old reliables. Take some time to figure out effective email automation, and you’re almost guaranteed to get a higher response rate (and likely a higher return on your effort).

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