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KM Guru, LLC and 417 Business Resource Center Announces Merger

Joplin, MO, June 1, 2014– Representatives from KM Guru, LLC and the 417 Business Resource Center announced this week that the two companies will be merging on June 1, 2014 while maintaining the KM Guru name.

Shawn Wininger with the 417 Business Resource Center states, “We are extremely excited about this merger, as it will combine the two companies and leverage the strengths both companies bring to their clients.”

KM Guru, LLC is currently a leading force in creating custom WordPress Websites and Mobile Sites, and providing optimization knowledge to gain top placement on search engines through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Yellow Page (IYP) engines, your mobile device, Social Media, and Video Marketing via YouTube, while the 417 Business Resource Center’s expertise lies in developing an online presence, marketing through website development, SEO, Social Media, and Video Production and Placement. The merger has come about in order to combine efforts to bring powerful solutions and provide the whole package for their respective clients.

As a result of this merger, customers will receive an unwavering commitment to their success online.

Kate Moss, founder of KM Guru, states, “Our goal is to first aid clients in the education process of placement online for their business, identify and build the differentiating capabilities they need to achieve and grow there. This potential combination would not only deliver on this innovative value proposition, but will also help reinvent the industry. Our clients dominate their local competition online.”

Kate Moss founded KM Guru four and a half years ago in Northern California (Los Gatos, CA). She relocated back to Joplin, MO where she was born and raised, making Joplin the new headquarters. Kate comes from the corporate world and found herself wanting to do more for clients who were sold generic marketing packages and held to contracts, to really help medium to small businesses with more of a personal connection. She founded KM Guru as a result of this notion. KM Guru’s commitment to their clients is demonstrated through the success of their client’s search engine, such as Google, rankings and visibility.

The 417 Business Resource Center was founded by Shawn Wininger in 2012. Developed as a consulting firm for small to medium sized businesses, the 417 Business Resource Center (417 BRC) serves to fill the growing need in the Four State Area for small business consulting. Shawn Wininger, who saw the need for a complete business resource center that business owners could turn to for all their consulting needs and made it his mission to make those resources possible.

Out of this mission, the 417 BRC began filling the need for website development and having an online presence for clients. Shawn leveraged his experience and degree in Computer Science to begin offering those services for clients.

“I was teaching SEO, website development, and social media in business already on a professional level. I felt it was a good fit for my company to begin offering these services,” states Shawn. “I couldn’t be happier to combine efforts with KM Guru and enhance our abilities for our clients.”

The 417 Business Resource Center will remain a business consulting firm, but all website and online marketing, SEO, Social Media, and Video Marketing will be directed to KM Guru, LLC.

The new KM Guru will focus on bringing the total online marketing package to our clients all over the nation.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Shawn Wininger or Kate Moss at (408) 766-GURU or email [email protected].