KM Guru, LLC Ribbon Cutting

Alright, I am very proud to announce that KM Guru, LLC is having a ribbon cutting on Friday, April 25th 2014 at 4:30 PM. Our office is located at 321 Virginia Ave. in Joplin, MO. Please come celebrate in the fun, and excitement. There will be many smiling faces present, nibbles of food, and cold beverages. Stop in, sit down, walk around, or just say “Hello”.

After four years of being in business I am so grateful of this moment to come. A few struggles, a ton of hair pulling stress, and much anxiety, but more positive circumstances and beautiful clients continue to come our way. Thankful and grateful of this time.

Chamber of Commerce Joplin MO KM Guru

Contact KM Guru if you have questions at (408) 766-4878, or here.