There are many reasons why social media has a high level of importance in today’s world. It is the way people often communicate nowadays and how they stay in touch, but it is also a great way for a business (large or smaller) to get exposure and market to their perfect customer. Are you looking to understand why social media has completely blown up over the past two decades? Let Guru Marketing fill you in!

The First Social Media Sites

Six Degrees was the first official social media channel, and was started in the late 90s. During that time blogging began to be quite the rave, something that now – here at Guru, we take very seriously! MySpace shortly followed and began in the early 2000s with Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter hot on its heels. These quickly become huge in younger generations and are now rapidly taking over any free time that people of all ages may have. Six Degrees and MySpace may not be as big now but they definitely opened up the rabbit hole, or black hole as some may say to the social media we see today.

Social Media Blogging

Social media blogging is what got some people, who are now called “Influencers” or “Content Creators” their paychecks when blogging got big around 2012. It’s what led social media to be used as a job, and dream for many people who aspire to draw an income from social media. Here at Guru Marketing, we write blogs for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes and use these blogs to rank your business in your local area, so that – when people are searching for something that relates to your business your website will pop up first! We agree that whether someone is writing a blog for their livelihood or to rank in SEO – we definitely see the significance.

Influencers & Content Creators

Today there are so many job opportunities surrounding social media, which is one of the main reasons it has been able to grow so large, and have such a popular impact on society. With these people being able to draw an income from posting blogs, making curated content for brands, and posting ads. It’s a constant avenue for revenue. Influencers, and content creators are opening up a whole new world for brands trying to sell to a larger audience. They are allowing small businesses to prosper and really get their products into the hands of people who would have never heard of their brand had social media not put it on their feed.


YouTube is also another way that these influencers and content creators are reaching people, through videos typically 10-30 minutes long. YouTube is also used in other ways as well, here at Guru we use YouTube to share any ads, website videos, or promotional videos that we make for our clients. YouTube is a great way to spread the word of what you are wanting an audience to know about your brand or business with a personal touch.

Instagram & Facebook

These two social media platforms are growing rapidly and are also ever-changing. They are in some ways a way for people to keep a social diary or scrapbook. They are a way to update family that may not live close, a way to share your life for all to see. A useful tool to post the things you never want to forget per say. These social media platforms have become sentimental to people, and that is just another reason why they have boomed, and are growing every single day.

Interested in having someone run your social platforms for you? Here at Guru Marketing we truly see the importance these social media platforms are to your brand and business, and that’s why we want to make sure they will benefit you in all the best ways! Reach out to us today and learn about our social media packages, we have options and pricing that will fit your budget and needs.