Are you an upcoming influencer on social media looking for ways to look more professional? Let us at Guru Marketing help you take your branding one step further.

Media Kit

What is a media kit you may be asking? A media kit is a template of information, assembled by a company (Guru), to provide basic information about an influencer that they can send to potential brands or companies they want to work with (typically via email or DM). Having a media kit is one of the most important steps as an influencer. These are perfect to send to brands and companies you are wanting to work with, so they have all the information they need about you. Usually, your following count, an ‘about me’ section, previous brands you’ve worked with, pricing guide, ect. Here at Guru, we can completely customize your media kit to fit your personal branding and style that you like. We can do this for a range of influencers including Micro all the way to mega! No following count is too small for a media kit. We do recommend having professional photos to add in, to keep the kit professional-looking.

Professional Headshots

A professional headshot is just another way to make yourself look more professional. Here at Guru, we have a professional photographer on staff that can take your headshot to the next level. These can be used as a profile picture, a photo for your media kit, and a post to introduce yourself on social media platforms and so much more. They are high quality and are the perfect addition for you to look professional as an influencer.

Newsletter Emails

Another way we like to help influencers keep the standard of professionalism when contacting brands is by sending out a newsletter for them. We can send this out to all previously worked with brands or company emails to update them on new deals you may be offering, price changes, and even sending them out to new brands who you may be wanting to get the attention of. We can send them out weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just whenever you need one!

Contact us today to get in touch with one of our team members, we would love to help you look professional!