In part one of this blog we discussed how to boost your social media following and engage your audience by responding to comments, encouraging people to like and share, running contests and giveaways, using images, and much more! In part II we are continuing with more advice on engaging your audience to help you get the most out of your social media efforts.

Ask a Question

When you post on social media, an easy way to engage your fans is to ask a question. Asking a relevant but fun question is a great way to get your customers to leave a comment on your post. For example, a restaurant can create a post that compares two different food items and ask “Which would you rather have for dinner?” This allows you to incorporate your product into the question while still being casual and lighthearted with your audience.

Post Multiple Times a Week

You’ll need to post regularly on your pages to increase social media engagement. On average, 2-3 posts per platform per week will help you build an engaged audience. If you post too much, you may annoy your audience, which can result in people unfollowing your page. You’ll also want to post at the best times. We’ve found that around 10 am is the best time to post on most social networks.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to get people who might not normally see your content to your page, use popular but relevant hashtags to gain social media following, and boost your likes and comments on a post.

Optimize Your Titles for Engagement

Your titles should be honest, compelling, and have keywords or phrases that people might be searching. Whether you’re trying to drive traffic back to your blog post or a product page, a captivating title will give you more clicks and more chances of engagement.

Share Content That’s Relevant to Your Audience

Who are your customers? What are their interests? What types of posts do they prefer? How do they consume information? Would they prefer videos, blog content, or image posts? Focus on creating content your customer would like to see. You’ll probably need to experiment with different types of content to see which gets the most engagement. If you notice that videos perform well on your pages, then create more video content.

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