Bryson Meunier spotted new mobile icons in his mobile search experience on Google.

He was searching Google on his Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean and noticed a new smartphone icon labeled on some of the search results. The icon symbolizes if the web site you are about to click on is smartphone-optimized or not.

Google told us this is a test they are experimenting with to try to “optimize the mobile search experience.” A Google spokesperson said:

We’re experimenting with ways to optimize the mobile search experience, including helping users identify smartphone-optimized sites. We don’t have any more details to share at the moment, but thank you for checking in.

Here is an image captured by Bryson of the new smartphone-optimized icon:

If you are able to reproduce this on your device, please do share with us a better looking and more detailed image of this Google mobile experiment.

Update: Here is a clearer screen shot of the smartphone optimized icon via