Who is the mightiest of them all, ExpressionEngine or WordPress? This is a much simpler analysis because these two website platforms are very different. ExpressionEngine is a very  free flowing way to create a website from the ground up out of pure code. This can allow the experienced website developer free range to build whatever they desire, this is not a platform for a first timer developer. The starting price for ExpressionEngine is a good chunk of change compared to WordPress, which will cost you exactly nothing to create. If a client needs to require and ecommerce option for their website they should consider starting out to a much easier format through WordPress, the most popular form of e commerce would be woocommerce. ExpressionEngine should be considered for ecommerce much further down the road for a business, it all depends on the growth pace and current size of the company. There are many additional services that might be needed such as  if you want to start referral programs, discount codes, live chat along with other pomp and frill features to grab the attention of your customers.

In today’s market many companies are still incorporating blogging posts to grab people’s attention and bring them to their website using specific keywords. WordPress blows expressionengine out of the water when it comes to being blogger friendly, there is always a plugin available for this function for any style of WordPress. When you are just starting out and you need a website like yesterday, WordPress will be your go to platform every time compared to Expressionengine. If a business owner knows what they want their website to look like aesthetically and has the proper content, they can build a WordPress site within one  week easy. Expressionengine will take much longer because you are creating a site completely from scratch from pure code, this process could easily take one to two months of work. In the end WordPress beats Expressionengine because it’s cheaper, easier to use, offers more plugins, has a larger community, more brands are using it, and has more designs. With Expressionengine “the devil is in the detail,” make sure before you decide to use any old website platform to do your research and choose wisely.

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