Do you want to boost conversions on your website? A conversion-focused website
design may be right for you.

To put it simply, a conversion-focused website attracts your target customers and
makes it super easy for them to respond to your call to action, whether that may be
a phone call, web form submission, or even an online transaction.

Even if your website is getting amazing traffic, it needs to function in a way that
encourages visitors to take action rather than check out a few pages and leave.

So How Do You Optimize Your Site For Conversion?
Well, there are several things you’ve got to do. First, you have to realize that a pretty
website doesn’t matter all that much. We know, web designers are freaking out, too.
Of course you want your site to look beautiful, but things that help a website
function more efficiently and close leads are what is going to help you make money.
The success lies in the sweet spot. When the beauty that designers love can meet the
conversion-optimizers half way, that’s when you turn visitors into customers.

Second, you have to engage with your audience. You can do this in part by
understanding who your target audience is.

And, last, but certainly not least, you must call them to action. Tell them what to do.
A nice, big call-to-action button that compels your viewers to click is always helpful.

Great website design can be tough—so is conversion optimization. The role of both
the designer and the optimizer is to make the viewers’ job easy: See, Click, Buy.

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