Ready to start marketing your medical cannabis dispensary but aren’t sure where to begin? We would love to help you! Guru Marketing has had the privilege of creating all the branding materials for Flora Farms, a medical marijuana dispensary with three locations — Neosho, Springfield, & Humansville (all in MO). 

All of us gurus have been there to watch as Flora Farms continues to grow and flourish in the cannabis industry! It’s been a wild ride thus far, and it’s only the beginning. They have as of 2021, officially opened all three of their locations, and we couldn’t be more stoked for them! 

What Do We Do For Flora Farms?

Flora Farms came to us with a vision, and our team at Guru Marketing ran with it. We designed a logo for them and developed a brand kit with specific fonts and color schemes that have been used for the website, social media content, business cards, product package, and so much more. Our in-house website designer created a from-scratch, visually appealing website for them, which we then started incorporating SEO to the backend. From there, we made their social media channels and began creating content that was specifically tailored to their brand. You can view their website here. 

To help Google rank Flora Farms, we also write 4 keyword-rich blogs and newsletters a month. Following their color scheme, we include fun graphics and gifs into these email blasts that catch their ideal customers’ attention. When it comes to their blogs, we love writing content that focuses on SEO, all the while, choosing topics to discuss that really educate the reader on medical cannabis and its benefits to their health. You can view the blogs that we write here. 

Brand Content For Flora Farms

Once the dispensaries opened, our videographer went out and shot a 1-minute promo video for them. We think it’s super rad! You should check it out here. 

Our photographer also goes out once a month to the dispensaries to take new photos and videos that are used on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Guru Marketing edits all the images and adds the logo to all videos so that the branding flows nicely each month with the new content. 

Contact Guru Marketing

If your medical cannabis dispensary is just starting out and needs a marketing team to come alongside to create a website and marketing strategy plan that actually works, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We think it’s rad that you stopped by, and we can’t wait to visit with you! Chat with us here.