If you are still using outdated outbound marketing methods, you are losing out over your competitors who are using modern inbound marketing strategies. Rather than shouting into the void of people who are trying to block you out, Guru Marketing fully believes in creating an inbound marketing strategy where you can be easily found by people who are already interested in your industry.

In order to achieve this, you need to have a website that naturally attracts visitors through SEO efforts in search engines, blogs, and social media.

Now that you’re familiar with inbound marketing, you should know that Hubspot originally coined the term – an inbound marketing software is a platform that attracts visitors, converts leads, and closes customers for your business. Working with a Hubspot-certified marketing agency (like us!) is the most effective decision you can make for your business and your wallet.

Check out just a few benefits of working with a Hubspot-certified inbound marketing agency.

Built-In Tracking and ROI Proof

So you have this beautiful website that is functional and mobile friendly, you write excellent and intriguing blog posts, and you are active on social media. Here’s the bummer – you can’t track it. Are you stumped as to why you aren’t receiving any orders? Not sure who your target audience is? Hubspot-certified agencies are expert at designing inbound marketing campaigns that can be tested and tracked over time, ensuring that your campaigns are constantly optimized for maximum return on your investment.

A Team of Experts At Your Finger Tips

Our Hubspot certified agency has team members who hold one or more available Hubspot Academy certifications. Our team stays up to date on the latest inbound marketing developments to ensure that your business’ marketing strategy is always innovative and ahead of your competition.

Save Your Time and Money

We understand that your business doesn’t have an endless flow of cash at your disposal. Save your money on marketing campaigns that don’t work – our Hubspot certified agency excels at all forms of digital marketing. Our team can quickly product content, manage social media campaigns, and build a custom website optimized for SEO – and track it all. We can see who visited your site, filled out a form, and how many pages they visited (rad, we know).

All of this greatly contributes to saving you time, money, and a headache.

At KM Guru Marketing, we love our relationship with Hubspot. Hubspot has allowed us to help our clients grow with their fool-proof Inbound Methodology. Staying up to date on new inbound marketing tools and strategies, we are dedicated to helping you grow your business.

Contact the Web Design and Inbound Marketing gurus at KM Guru Marketing for the web design team you’ve been searching for. We service clients locally in the Joplin, MO and Pittsburg, KS areas, and Dallas, Tulsa, Springfield, as well as internationally. For the best Web Design and SEO Agency, contact your local marketing agency—KM Guru Marketing today.



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