As social media continue to involve, business have to find new platforms from which to share their message. Here are five more reasons you should be using Twitter as one of them.

Builds Rapport
You’re able to connect and communicate with your clients in a quick and tangible way that is more organic than email and more personal than Facebook. You can tweet directly to your client and they can tweet directly to you. Awesome.

Problem Solving
Twitter allows you to help people. If someone has got a quick problem or complaint, then you can write a quick tweet to either give them the solution or direct them to it. Even if it’s nothing to do with your business, the fact you’re being helpful means that you’ll build positive relations in your community and you’ll build those same relationships on Twitter.

Broader Audience
Most of the world is on Facebook, but there is a growing number of people seeking to simplify their social media usage and they’re turning to Twitter. Having a presence allows you one more avenue to reach that potential client that may not hear of your message otherwise.

A simple but great reason to engage your audience on Twitter is because if you don’t your competitors will. You can’t be on every social network that’s out there, but Twitter is now too big to ignore. If you choose not to engage, you may lose customers to a competitor who chose to broaden his reach.

A brand’s visibility on Facebook now depends on just how much it is willing to spend. That’s because there is a decline in Facebook’s organic reach and they now really on ads to make up the difference. Twitter is beginning to surpass Facebook ads and drives more clicks.

So there are five more reasons, your business should be on Twitter. If you would like assistance in setting up the right social media accounts for your business, contact us today. We have offices in Los Gatos and San Jose, California and also have a presence in Joplin, MO. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and how we can best serve you.

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