Whether you are a small business or apart of a large company, content marketing is a key component to helping your business build trust while generating leads and potential customers. Every successful SEO strategy performs best when paired with a promotional component such as content marketing. Let’s examine four of the ways in which you can make this a priority for your brand or business. 

Develop Your Business Reputation

You’ll be headed in the right direction when you develop a professional reputation for your business. When customers, new or old, come across your brand, you will want them thinking nothing but good thoughts. Content marketing can be used to develop this ideal image on your behalf. 

We recommend asking your customers, friends, and family members to write testimonials if they have worked with your business. Let’s face it. When you’re about to use a new business’ services, you probably already looked up as many reviews as you could to see what others were saying about them. Using testimonials on your social media platform is just one example of ways that you can begin building that lovely reputation of yours. 

Create Shareable Content

As you begin creating content that is relevant to your business, remember that your ultimate goal through content marketing is for your business to be seen. You’ll want to create content that your existing customers and potential customers are going to want to share. The more shares, the more eyes have seen your business, which in turn means, you’ve gained exposure — The Ultimate Goal. 

Build Your Audience

With exposure comes building a network on your social media platforms. Build your own fan club of individuals who interact with your content and use your brand or business services. This is the key factor in gaining the most out of your content marketing but can take time. Audience growth doesn’t happen overnight so be patient with it. The more you post and develop engagement from viewers, the more exposure your business will have. 

Be Approachable

Although your reputation, growing audience, and quality content are important, let us not forget that being perceived as approachable ranks number one. For instance, you can have the largest audience on social media, but if your followers are afraid to engage with you, the rest of the content marketing steps won’t work. It’s important to engage with your audience. People like following content that is relatable and content creators who are approachable. 

Here’s How Guru Can Help

Social Media Marketing is the most important way to spread the word about your business through its viral communication tools. Guru creates, and posts to your various social media profiles, that either we create for you, or are already existing. Optimizing each of these profiles with keyword-rich content is important, and we make them as robust as they should be. Social Media posts are very keyword-rich, and content is taken from your existing website, Blogs, articles, etc. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are included.

Guru even helps create Facebook Live videos on your business page, as well as video marketing to use for posts on your various social profiles, and even for Facebook Boosted Ads. We have many very happy clients with these results, so just ask – we’d love to show you!