If you were to look at your website as building, SEO would be all of the roads that lead to it. If done well, it makes it easy for customers and clients to find your website and engage your services. If it’s not done well…they may struggle to find you and be plucked up by one of your competitors instead.

So what Search Engine Optimization does increase your website’s visibility in search engines. This is done by placing special keywords throughout the pages of your website to ensure your company is easily found and located when searched. This way when a customer types on those keywords, your company comes up on the first page of Google.

This is far more difficult to accomplish than it sounds and most of the best SEO tactics are not seen by the human eye, but are done through careful encoding on the backend of your website pages to be found by Google’s complex system of algorithms.

When hiring a website designer, look for someone with a great deal of SEO experience and knowledge. Your website may look great, but that doesn’t mean it will be found when people search for it. Google and other search engines are looking for very specific things that only a true SEO expert will be able to attain for you.

If SEO is like art, then we would sort of be the Leonardo Da Vinci’s of it and would love to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Contact our offices in Joplin, MO or in Los Gatos and San Jose, CA to see how we can make your websites fantastic.

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