There is a lot of buzz lately about mobile sites, and I am here to confirm that you should in fact have one for your business. Not only will the mobile site tremendously help your overall Quality Score online and move you up in the Google rankings, but by not having the site you are losing out on possible lead conversions of the millions of mobile users per day in our area.

Here is an example of a robust mobile site. Pay attention to the simplicity of Home page and the buttons. Click to call, Home navigation, direct link to your default maps, click to email/contact, and any page with content from your www site you would like your users to have access to. Plus, all your social networking links because most of the users who are looking up local businesses are on the social sites before and after with their mobile device.

Convinced by now? You should be. Call KM Guru today for a quote. Once time charge and the site is yours.