Our client, Jordan Disposal, has been serving the Joplin area for over 100 years and the tradition of a family business and caring service continues today. They have managed the City of Galena Construction & Demolition Landfill since 2011 and offer a convenient and affordable place to dispose of all construction, demolition, roofing waste, household trash, and tires. Their professional and courteous staff are always on hand to assist in selecting a dumpster. They pride themselves on offering the best service, as do we here at Guru Marketing. Which is why we would like to discuss why it is important to rebrand your business, along with our monthly services that help make Jordan Disposal rank so high in the Joplin area as a local dumpster company.

Re-branding of Their Website

We are currently re-branding the Jordan Disposal website. This helps them in many ways, for one it allows them to make new color adjustments, your brand doesn’t have to stick solidly to the same color scheme for decades – change is good. Another reason why re-branding is important and helps their overall business is that it allows Guru to come up with a new layout for the website. Guru can take what the client loved and what worked well within their website and then make adjustments to things that needed a little change to come up with the perfect layout!

Monthly Social Media Marketing

We go out once a month to get the perfect tailored social media content for Jordan Disposal, as we do for many of our clients. This ensures that their social media is cohesive, and branded with their vision and gives Guru the perfect amount of photos, videos, and content to work with until the next visit.

Bi-weekly Paid Social Ads

We run bi-weekly paid social ads for Jordan Disposal in order to highlight certain services they offer. This helps them reach new potential customers and spreads the word of what they offer. We always run the ad, create the ad, and choose the exact audience and time frame for Jordan Disposal to get the most out of the ad. The ads we curate and run go on Facebook and Instagram. This helps reach several different types of people, and usually just the right ones, all thanks to the Guru knowledge.

Bi-weekly Blog

For Jordan Disposal we also write a bi-weekly blog, to keep up with the current key rich words to perfect their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This ensures that their website will pop up at the top of a Google search for any keywords about Jordan Disposal. We write these blogs about their services, and who they are as a company. We also have several blogs in interview style to give a deeper look into who they are as a company. What we write for a blog varies from company to company, but rest assured, Guru puts the perfect balance of SEO and information into each blog we write.

Interested in Guru Marketings’ vast knowledge of blogs, website re-branding, or curated social media posts? Contact us today!