Not too long ago, most businesses realized the need for a presence on social media. With that in mind, many quickly went out and claimed a Facebook page for their business and gave some poor soul in their company the task of editing, managing and monitoring it to better engage with their customers. However as time has gone on, Facebook has had to navigate some significant hurdles regarding its usefulness as in marketing, particularly for small and medium-size businesses.

The problem comes from the fact that Facebook is significantly reducing the organic reach that can be achieved through its business posts. This has been a gradual change, but one that continues to increase magnitude over time, resulting in many businesses seeing few results from their efforts, particularly if they haven’t dedicated any money towards boosting their results.

In most cases, only three percent of your fans will be able to see your posts without you paying to boost their reach. Those who manage these pages face daily frustrations as they realize just how little their marketing efforts can accomplish on their own. Facebook has attempted to rationalize this by saying it improves the experience for ordinary users, but one has to question if the actual motives don’t have more to do with increasing the bottom line by goading businesses into buying more ads.

Unfortunately, even purchased ads seem to have a diminished effect and have failed to meet the expectations of smaller businesses. The lack of organic reach has created an environment much more conducive to larger firms who can afford to invest billions towards marketing their brand.

This doesn’t mean Facebook is terrible or that you shouldn’t use it as a part of your social media marketing or inbound marketing strategy. It’s still a valuable tool and a medium that many of your consumers use on a daily basis. Leaving Facebook means leaving an excellent opportunity to spread your message to those who may have a chance to see it. However, it does mean that you can’t rely on Facebook as your sole source for social media marketing or social media engagement.

A quality social media marketing company can help you assess other options to help you maximize your efforts. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and others all offer various benefits depending on who your target audience is and what you’re hoping to achieve. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and some businesses will require more engagement than others in order to maximize the power and impact of social media marketing. A consultation will help them discover which mediums are right for your business, helping you once again reach your customers in the best way. Couple this with proper web design and web development along with a review of your current SEO strategies and you’ll soon be on your way to massive success, resulting in a positive impact on the bottom line.

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