COVID-19 Update

We’re Here For You – Just Say Hi

Guru Marketing wants to share with you what we are doing in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in order to ensure your service continuity.

Our main priorities right now are providing continued, and uninterrupted service to our clients, and maintaining the safety and well-being of our Guru Team.

To ensure that our team remains healthy, and fully functional we have made a decision to let everyone work remotely from their home offices.

Each team member is still producing wonderful work for you, and the show WILL go on.

You may reach us as you normally do, by contact via email, cell phone, or text message.

If you would like to see our smiling faces, we are asking that you allow for a FaceTime or Google Hangout video call as an option.

We continue to run our operations 24/7 as normal, and we do not anticipate any disruption.

We wish you health, and safety! Keep praying, friends. =)