It’s that time again; the financial analysts are trickling out their advanced look at September search market share data from comScore ahead of the official release of those numbers. Our look at the data comes courtesy of Macquarie Equities Research and UBS.

Google regained some share in September, at Yahoo’s expense. And AOL was up slightly vs. last month. Bing and Ask were flat compared to August. Total “explicit core search queries” in September were also flat vs. August (17.1 billion) but showed growth vs. a year ago.

Here are the numbers:

  • Google: 65.3 percent (vs. 64.8 percent in August)
  • Yahoo: 15.5 percent (16.3 percent in August)
  • Bing: 14.7 percent (flat vs August)
  • Ask: 3.0 (flat vs August)
  • AOL: 1.5 percent (vs. 1.3 in August)

Macquarie said that Yahoo’s 15.5 share “was its lowest level ever according to our dataset.” However queries at Yahoo Shopping gained, according to UBS discussion of the data.

We’ll update this post when comScore officially releases its data later today.

Postscript: Here are the official numbers: